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Large Selection of Outdoor furniture and Sheds!

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Lawn Furniture Information


Outdoor Furniture

We have an extensive selection of Amish crafted Porch Swings, Gliders, Gliding Chairs, Rockers, Settees, Glider Settees, Garden Benches, Picnic Tables and much more. All of our outdoor products are hand crafted from arsenic-free pressure treated Natural Select(TM)Southern Pine. Bearing the trusted Wolmanized name and backed by the same assurances as traditional treated lumber, Natural Select(TM) wood is protected by copper azole preservative, the worlds leading alternative to CCA. This preservative combines the established effectiveness of copper with an organic ingredient called azole, a chemical that guards against decay from copper-tolerant fungi. The arsenic-free formulation renders the wood useless as a food source for termites and fungi.

Maintenance Tips:
No maintenance is needed to renew resistance to fungi and termites. However, protection is required to maintain the wood’s appearance against weather. Sun and rain cycles cause stress in lumber resulting in swelling, shrinking, warping and cracking.

  • To help protect your product against moisture damage we recommend that you apply an effective brand of water repellent as soon as possible. Water repellent should be applied every year or two.
  • To revitalize a dingy appearance caused by dirt and mildew, use a deck brightener to clean the outdoor wood.

Can I stain my lawn furniture? The answer is YES, you can stain Natural Select Wolmanized wood. Also, you can coat this wood with a water repellent; in fact we recommend it. The wood used to make our products is already dried so that it is ready for you to seal with a water repellent, or stain at the time of purchase. Please make sure your stain is for outdoor use. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions and take special care in sealing end grains.

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